Saturday, June 26, 2021

LK Launch 2021 (An online conference)


Archived Sessions (accessible for LKDSB staff using their "" log in):

Sherry Parrish K-2 Number Talks: Part 1 + Part 2
Sherry Parrish 3-6 Number Talks: Part 1 + Part 2
Natural Curiosity: K - 3 + 4 - 8

August 23 - 27, there will be some great professional learning taking place for educators.  We will be 'launching learning' in an online format.  

You will be able to just click and join from anywhere (your backyard, breakfast table, or poolside).

Sign up for as many or few as you'd like. The LKDSB is providing this learning at no cost for everyone.  Just fill out the form: 

For the Zoom online room link and password, click here.

View the program below or view it as a pdf.

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  1. Will these be recorded? I want to sign up but can't attend during the school day. Please advise...