Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Steal the Bundle: Math Activity

Steal the Bundle

Math Strategy: Using the 10 Anchor

Math Strand: Number Sense


Steal the Bundle is a card game that provides helps to strengthen students’ understanding of the anchor of ten (also known as the Making Ten strategy). Players look to pair one card from their hand with either a card from a shared pile or a card from another player's discard pile (referred to as “the bundle”). The value of the two cards combined must equal ten. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

How 'Steal the Bundle' activity supports student?

Steal the Bundle provides students with lots of opportunities to practice making ten, with a variety of numbers. Over time, this will help them quickly recall the combinations required to make ten, strengthening their understanding of known facts.

This game also helps students in developing their understanding of part whole relationships, as they begin to recognize that as the value of one card (or part) increases, the value of the other card (part) they need to make ten (the whole) decreases.

Where to Next?

The What To Look For text by Alex Lawson provides more activities like this, based on the Anchor of Ten strategy. Examples include; Go Fish to Ten, Make 10 Concentration and Make 10 and Add to the Ten. Be sure to provide your students with manipulatives (ten frames, snap cubes, rekenrek, etc.) as they play these games.

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